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    Getac Diagnostic Assistant 


Getac Diagnostic Assistant tool is one touch health check software for end user to scan Getac device key components condition (Windows 10 & 7 only). You can also get the latest BIOS, EC and utility update.

● Your company IT department might manage BIOS setting, please contact them before installing.

Getac Diagnostic Assistant will also provide recommendation when detect any issue. User can share diagnostic report to Getac before apply service request. Service center can pre-allocated parts and engineers for you.

Getting Started:

● Download:

  Getac Diagnostic Assistant software is available to download from Getac web site ( ) and we will keep updating this software.

● User Manual:

  1. Download and unzip file, double click on GetacDiagnosticAssistant to launch software and Click “Scan” and software will automatically show the BIOS, EC, OS information and diagnose key components.

  2. Please check if any warning and message. If your battery is not in good condition or need to get extra storage space, please contact your local dealer

  3. For other hardware issues, please apply service request via

● System Requirements:

  Getac Diagnostic Assistant only works on Getac device with OS Windows 7 and 10.

  Available Model:

  A140; B300G5~G7; EX80; F110G1~G4; K120; RX10;
  S400G3; S410G1~G2; T800G1~G2; UX10; X500G2~G3

● Upload Report:

  Recommend to share diagnostic report to Getac which can make your service workflow more efficiency

● Contact Getac

If you have any question and you are very welcome to contact us via email
or visit our web site